Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pink & Orange Cushions Fabrics

These are from InstyleWarwick Fabrics & Mokum
I had such a fun day yesterday rummaging though a few upholstery fabric showrooms in Brisbane. 

I am looking for fabric swatches to make a mixed selection of cushions for my very white outdoor seating area. 

I have always had in mind a pink and orange theme, mixed with Moroccan and Indian patterns, but using fabric sample off cuts and smaller fabric pieces. The trick here is to find fabrics that are OK to use outdoors and will not fade with sunlight. 

Tip 01: 
Pinterest comes in quite handy here if you are searching for inspiration or a colour theme. I keep mine on boards labelled by colour so that I can refer to them later on.
my inspiration from my
 Colour :: Orange Pinterest Board
inspiration from my
 Colour :: Orange Pinterest Board
Tip 02: 
It is always a good idea to lay your fabric selections over the intended furniture so that you see how the colour and pattern works with the style of furniture. This also applies if you are reupholstering an old piece of furniture.

Will update later on my final selections.

Have fun.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Recycled Burlap Coffee Sack Ideas

Last weekend I went to see a cafe that I designed called Kiva Han in Mermaid Beach. 

I am quite excited about this project as there are many interior design elements that are recycled, reused leftovers or adaptations. I will post in detail later this week about the design and refurbishment.

They roast and grind their own beans on site, so while I was behind the roasting area I was able to grab some of their used coffee bean bags. They smell great! All I need now is to decide on what I shall recycle them into; cushions, outdoor bench seating or a couple of ottomans?
image via Houzz

image via Better Living Through Design 

Have fun

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Eclectic Natural Style :: San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos, Greece

I know the San Giorgio Hotel has been written about already but as I have been focused on eclectic and natural design styles, this hotel lovingly combines both the '60s bohemian life with a down-to-earth natural approach.
For me I just love the palettes of white, simple textures and the use of colour through furniture and decoration. They achieve this look by...
  • Exposing and painting the existing timber ceiling.
  • Using mosaic floor tiles.
  • Mixing rough plaster wall finish with polished plaster floor and built in joinery.
  • Playing with filtered light with sheers and pendants.
  • Decorating with natural finishes, local crafted weaves and textiles, recycled furniture and eclectic decor.

images via San Giorgio Hotel
Now if I lived back in the UK, this would be on my top 10 places to stay.

Have fun

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Recycled Kitchen Island Benchtop

I love going to the Eumundi Markets on the Sunshine Coast and stumbling across something new.

Last weekend was no exception when I came across Neale from Bushblocks.

Neale makes timber kitchen island benches from locally sourced recycled timber, door locks and door knobs! 

The surface can be made from Australian Eucalyptus which holds one of the highest anti-bacterial tannin content of any hardwood in the world and great for being used as a chopping board. He also fits a small removable flush mounted metal bin into the surface for collecting your veggie scraps!

These tables would make a great addition to any country kitchen.

Have fun.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Eclectic Lounge Style :: Cushions & Rugs

While you are next on holiday have a shop around for fabrics, textiles and rugs. These are some of the easiest things to look out for at markets and bazaars and are also quite straightforward to integrate back into your home.
These cushions are made out of old ponchos from Peru!
images from style files
Pairing cushions with a rug helps anchor the room or area and if you keep your sofa base fabric neutral you can add a wild mix of colour, texture and patterns with fabrics from your travels. 
image from Richard Powers
These cushions have a handcrafted South American vibe!

I always make time to find those local fabric markets, not just for that holiday experience, but to bring something back that is handmade, unique and nearly always with a story tell.

Have fun.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How To Decorate :: The Eclectic Style

This is a decoration style for those who love to travel and mix the exotic with the reclaimed and the new. 
It combines antique and reclaimed furniture, new pieces mixed up with market finds, Moroccan style lanterns and candles, hand made tribal rugs, heavy pattern fabrics, textiles and cushions along with a strong mix of colours and earthy tones. 
image via The Fashion Medley
With a Moroccan influence.
image via Desire To Inspire
With a subtle Chinese influence.
image via Anya Adores
With an African influence.
image via Anya Adores
With a subtle Chinese influence.
image via Poetic Wanderlust
With an Oriental influence.
image via Home Design Collections
With a subtle Mexican influence.
This style will let you boldly mix many different patterns and colours together or just keep it neutral. It is a decoration style that adds character to any room and has many stories to tell.

For many more interior images and details, feel free to hop over and follow my Pinterest boards.

Have fun...

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Eco Print Botanical Cushions by Heirloom Fibrecraft

What a lovely surprise to find Kim from Heirloom Fibrecraft

She creates eco botanical prints on fabrics, cushions and fashion accessories from local plants and flowers using natural dyeing techniques.

Her technique includes collecting leaves, wrapping them in a bundle of natural cloth with metals and mordants and heating the bundles with hot water or steam. This process creates a chemical reaction that creates the random natural shapes and colours you can see in her work.
How cool would it be to take your wedding day bouquet flowers and turn them into an original cushion print! What a great way to remember the day?

These are all for sale at Kim's Etsy store Natural Base and her site is Heirloom Fibrecraft
Have fun,

Thursday, 11 July 2013

How To Decorate :: The Natural Style

Image from interior designers Hare + Klein 
As the name suggests “natural modern” is a type of interior design and decoration style that combines the use of recycled furniture with natural sustainable finishes, natural fibres like hemp, jute, sisal and linen, textures instead of patterns, taupe, off-whites and neutral earthy colours and lots of timber. 

It is also a change of mindset for consuming less, choosing environmentally friendly finishes, fittings and materials and breathing new life into unloved furniture.
 image via Design to Inspire for more natural kitchen images link here

1. via Bloomingville 2. via Restoration Hardware 3 & 4 the style-files 5 natural modern interiors 
6 natural modern interiors 
images by Peter Bennetts of Fjall Ski Lodge
for more link here
via natural modern interiors
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Have fun...

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pastel Dip Painted Timber Dining Room Chairs

These chairs have been created by Interior Designer Alexander Waterworth Interiors for this cute cafe Hally's London in Parson's Green.
Earlier this year I was designing a resort that had a focus on the use of pastel colours. What a great way to bring some colour into any room and bring a little life back to some old timber dining chairs... 
This would also make and a nice DIY project at home!
Thanks to Holly of Decor8 for sharing such a great article on using pastels, thanks.
Have fun.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

How To Decorate :: The Shabby Chic Style

I am frequently asked... "How do I find out my own interior design style?"
So I thought over the next few weeks I would post some images that should help explain the subtle differences between all the styles to help you on your way.
I will start with...
Shabby Chic is a type of interior design and decoration style that combines vintage accessories, distressed and aged furniture with soft pastel colours, floral fabrics, flowers and lots of use of white.
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images from items sold on Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Couture
via Shabby Chic
image via Shelterness
via Shabby Chic 
images above via houzz
images from items sold on Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Couture

images via Shelterness
For many more Shabby Chic interior images and details, feel free to hop over and follow my Pinterest boards.

Have fun...